Return to Ravnica is only a few weeks old and the set is still fresh on the Standard scene. Over the past few weeks, we have seen an array of different decks win major tournaments without any particular archetype holding strong. Since people are still looking for their hot cards, the value of the set has been holding well during this time period. Let’s take a look at the cards that have been holding strong and gaining in value since release. We will also look at a couple of cards that have started to decline.

Jace, Architect of Thought


To no surprise, the biggest gainer this past few weeks has been Wizard’s favorite planeswalker, Jace. As we have previously mentioned, this card was initially underrated and has now jumped to $50 since the Star City Open in Cincinnati. Since then it has held this value and has been looked at for it’s potential use in Modern. The Pro Tour Return to Ravnica event this weekend in Seattle will help determine if Jace does have a home in the format. Since peaking, it has plateaued and could stay at that $50 value for some time.

Angel of Serenity


A breakout hit of the past few weeks, this card has seen a steady rise in value since spoiled. Reaching a price of $25 recently, this card is a hot item in many decks from Reanimator to Blue White control. The state of the game allows for people to play their 7 drops and keep fighting so this card should hold it’s value for a while. Similar to Elesh Norn, this card is a bit more annoying because it can create angel loops that will keep it around for many turns. This is more than likely it’s max so if you have extra to flip, it would be best to do so now.

Armada Wurm


This card has been getting praise since spoiled and for good reason. A better Broodmate Dragon in some respects, Armada Wurm has been making an appearance various decks. It’s hard to beat two 5/5 beaters and with all the blinking and reanimating going on, it’s hard to keep a good wurm down. The card has risen to $20 as of recent and should hold that value or possibly jump another $5 in the next couple of weeks.


The shocklands have been holding strong and gaining value since release. While this is not shocking (see what I did there), it is interesting that these reprints have not lost any value since release. Since the cards are popular is several formats, the demand is still there for them at the moment. While some speculate that they will all be around the $10 range a month after Return to Ravnica release, they are still in demand and are the best trade fodder at the moment. Biggest gainers are Hallowed Fountain, Overgrown Tomb, and Blood Crypt.

Searching how to Abrupt Decay


Abrupt Decay has a lot of potential and that’s what drove it’s price up to $20 for a brief period. The hype has died down a bit and now the card is sitting at $15. The card is still great and has use in other formats so expect it to keep some value but it may drop to $10 soon while people start looking for other cards.

Cheapest prices Pharmacy.

Vraska, the Unseen


Vraska has been living up to her name by being mostly unseen from major tournaments. A lot of excitement gave this card a value of $40 before release. I hope no one bought them at that price because the value just wasn’t there. Her colors clash with her cost and while she may find a spot in a control deck of some sorts, she has been taking a dive in price. Currently at $20, she will more than likely drop to the $15 range before settling. Flip her if you can and get her again later for cheap. She could rebound later in the year or next year if people find a use for her.

That’s the current look at the major Return to Ravnica value cards. With so many more tournaments coming up, we should get a getter idea of what cards will be Standard staples and which ones will fade into oblivion. There is still a lot of value to be pulls from the set so Booster Boxes are still a good return on investment for the most part.

On a side note, keep an eye out for these hot foils as they have some great value:

Azorius Charm – $8
Izzet Charm – $8
Dryad Militant – $8
Rogue’s Passage – $6