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Academy Rector has been growing in popularity over the past month and it is all thanks to one card: Omniscience

Proving once again that mana cost is not a problem.

For the past few years, Academy Rector has been a $5 card. This is likely due to EDH and possibly Legacy use. Slowly rising in value during the Scars block, the card hit the $12 mark for a while. With Omniscience spoiled and its appearance in Show and Tell deck, the card has more than doubled in value in a month’s period.

This card is hot at the moment and if you have any lying around, this would be a good time to pull them out. If the deck keeps appearing in the major tournament scenes, this card could go up in value, but right now is still a good time to unload them if you don’t need any. If you are trying to buy, anything under $25 at the moment would be good as most retailers are sold out and the card is hard to find.