Return to Ravnica spoilers are in full effect and the next few weeks are going to be a great time to see what new cards will hit the scene and what will affect the market. For today though, we are going to take a look back at our favorite creature cycle; The Titans.


It was just over two years ago we were treated to the exciting new cycle for M11. Each color had a 6/6 creature that had a total cost of 6 and had color specific abilities. These creatures impacted the format for the entire time they were in Standard, although some fared better than others. Since this is a Financial Retrospect, let’s take a look at their value since they were released.


Grave Titan

Grave Titan was one the most hyped titans early on. It quickly rose in value before release and held on for a little while. 10 power for 6 mana was no joke and having deathtouch helped. Eventually it fell in value and has only seen minor use in the past year.


Primeval Titan

Primeval Titan was the biggest start of the titan cycle and a card that dominated Standard for the past two years. It rose as quickly as Grave Titan and went further, topping out at the $60 price point. Getting two lands and being a trampler made this card a force to reckon with. While the card saw a drop in price with the reprinting in M12 and the rotation of the Zendikar block, this card is still used in top tier ramp decks.


Inferno Titan

Inferno Titan had great abilities and potential and was not a weak card by any means. Unfortunately, compared to the other titans, it was not as great. While the card had a slow start, it did reach a peak of $15 for a brief period. The card saw some use in top decks but is now rarely seen.


Frost Titan

Frost Titan was a sleeper hit for the titan cycle. When first revealed, it was the least popular titan and as we can see from the chart, was only worth a few dollars for at it’s release. The potential was eventually seen in the card and with it’s appearance in some top decks, it shot up in value fast. The card maintained value for a few months as people were buying any copies they could have. Eventually, it fell on hard times and is now worth less than $3.


Sun Titan

Sun Titan was another titan seen in a good amount of top tier decks. Bringing and 3cost or less permanent back from the graveyard along with Vigilance made it a popular combination. This only got better with the release of Phantasmal Image, meaning a player could make another Sun Titan with the Image in the graveyard. This card never hit over $10 though and I think the main reason is that is was the Pre Release card for M11, and people usually held on to their copies, thus lowering demand for the card.


Overall, the Titans were a great cycle and gave people powerful 6 drops. These cards helped shift the focus into a more creature based format that Wizards wants the game to be. The best thing about these cards are that even after rotation, they will still be popular in other formats like EDH and Cubes.