M13 prerelease events are this weekend and there are a lot of new cards along with old favorites to be reintroduced into the game. The set has been receiving mixed reviews but most have been negative. It has been declared a weak set with a random mix of mediocre cards and old reprints. A core set with the Exalted ability that didn’t include Noble Hierarch seems like Wizards is giving a big “screw you” to the people who were looking for a cheaper entry into the Modern tournament format. But the quality of the set is not the focus of this post. Instead we are going to look at the money cards of the set and their values.

Let’s start with the big one Ajani, Caller of the Pride:

Ready for battle right meow!

Ajani is the latest addition to the 3 mana planeswalker club after Jace Beleren and Liliana of the Veil. The card is already at a preorder price of $40 on Star City and expect it to stay at that price for a couple weeks after release. It is a powerful card and if it does show up in a lot of tournament decks, it will keep it’s $40 price. If not, it should settle to $30 for a couple months.


Liliana of the Dark Realms

I’ve been swamped with work!

The new Liliana is currently at a $30 price and that seems like an optimistic value. A four drop that can’t really protect itself and has sub par abilities won’t be that popular in the tournament scene. It also has the downside of being around while the better Liliana is currently in standard (not toe mention the art is pretty bad). There is really no reason to waste a card slot on this card and although it will keep the $30 during the prerelease period, expect it to drop to around $20 after release.


Sublime Archangel

I’m late to the bonfire…of the damed!

We talked about Sublime Archangel in a previous post and there isn’t too much to add here. Seen as a new Baneslayer Angel, this card will be popular and used. I’d say it will keep at the $20 price point for a few weeks. If it isn’t seen in any major tournaments it could drop to $15. It is an Angel though so it will retain value.


Thundermaw Hellkite

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts (or spirit tokens)…

It has been a while since we have seen a good Dragon card and this one is great. A 5 drop that will kill spirit tokens and usually get in for 5 damage is a nice addition for red. This card will break stalemates and is a good target for Birthing Pod Decks. Again, this one will stay at it’s value for a few weeks.



I’m all out of caption jokes…

Only one rare has created presale value in the double digits (another sign that this is a weaker set) and that it Thragtusk. This is a card everyone likes so far and fits perfectly with the blinking theme of Avacyn Restored and Naya Pod decks. I think this one will hold value after release and might go up.

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The next few weeks will see the release of the set so prices will become more realistic as time goes on. It’s a general thought that one should do all their trading before the set gets release because the week before speculation prices stay high. Finding people to trade for it are key. We will keep an eye on prices in the meantime.