Alright, the time is finally here. We are ready to announce the winners of the Magic Movie Poster Contest. I feel like this was a fun one and we had a lot of good entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted to the contest. Keep reading the blog for future contests and of course our fun articles about everything Magic.



On to the contest results:

Honorable Mention:

Devler of Secrets – Gorzan

This Delver of Secrets piece was a great submittal by Gorzan of the GatheringMagic forums. The tag line is good and hints at what Delver will become. Another nod to the card is the “From the makers of “The Mindsculptor”” text which hints again at the over powered Jace, The Mindsculptor. Adding the movie credits at the bottom give the impression that this is an actual movie poster one would see at the theaters. Gorzan is located outside the US and Canada so we greatly appreciate this entry.

3rd Place:

River of Tears – Michael Czubek

River of Tears is our 3rd place winner. This was was popular amongst the team and we enjoyed the the taglines. Combining Miley Cyrus (yes he did misspell her last name) with Hugh Jackman guarantees a hit romance movie (ignoring the age difference). The title implies that this movie will be a tearjerker and would definitely appeal to a female movie audience. The size is small which is our only other issue with this poster. Michael, you win the Blue Miracle prize pack (Temporal Mastery, Devastation Tide, Vanishment)  so please email us your address and we will get your prize out to you.

2nd Place:

Blood Artist – Diana Wong

Blood Artist is our 2nd place winner. Besides being great art, Diana tells us a story in the tagline for the poster. With that, we get a feel of what this normal man has become and we want to find out what turned him this way. The art includes a dead body and we can tell that this man has a talent for painting. The title font adds the the theme with its splattered lettering. Our only complaint is that the tagline font seems a little out of place with the rest of the text. The rest of the work makes up for it and this turned into an excellent piece. Diana, you win the White Miracle pack (Entreat the Angels, Terminus, Banishing Stroke). Send us your information and we will get that out to you.

And finally, our top winner!

1st Place

Garruk Relentless – Tony Penticoff

Garruk Relentless is our grand prize winner! This was a close choice but what put Tony’s entry over the top was the addition of a guitar to the card. It blends into the art perfectly. Here is what we liked about this poster. It stars Jack Black as Garruk. It has great word play with the usage of Planes-Rocker. It also stars John Cho and Olivia Wilde, with music by John Williams (rock music score). This would be a movie worth seeing for any action comedy fan. We did have some issues though. Our main one is the placement of the title text. I’m not sure why Tony decided to cover our star with text, but it distracts from everything else. The fonts also could have been better. Otherwise this is a great Magic Movie poster and we can see the effort taken with this entry. Congratulations Tony on winning the Grand Prize Pack of Foil Bonfire of the Damned, Reforge the Soul, and Thunderous Wrath.

Thanks again for all the entries.

Next week we will be getting some Legacy articles in for the preperation of Grand Prix Atlanta. Most the Roxie Card team will be at the event so if you see us, say hi!

Have a great weekend.