Planechase 2012 comes out today, introducing a set up new Planes and a card type known as Phenomena. While people were expecting a new Commander release for this year, Wizards decided to bring back this multiplayer format for this year. They were so excited about this, that they dedicated a whole week or articles to the new release. While I can’t speak for everyone, the most exciting part of this release was the creation of 21 new cards to the game. I’m not too sure of the popularity of the last Planechase but based on my experiences, it wasn’t too exciting. I’ve personally only played one game of Planechase, and I’ve never seen anyone else play it. The release is geared more towards the casual players which I think it will do a fine job for that.

Planechase 2012 is better called Commander Lite. The introduction on new legendary creatures is made to appeal to Commander players and the game is encouraged to be played with Commander decks. With that being said, the decks are probably not good enough to buy as a package, but certain individual cards are definitely on the radar.

I’m not all pessimistic though. There are a few things I like about the release. The new cards reintroduce some old favorite mechanics. Cascade, Ninjutsu, Devour, and Totem Armor are all back. Cascade being my favorite adds some new excitement to Commander games. The other mechanics are also fun, although I never use Ninjutsu before. The other thing I like are the new cards. While some are duds, here are a few cards that I will be looking for to use in Commander/EDH.

Mass Mutiny

Mass Mutiny is a fun card. A mix between Insurrection and Act of Treason; this is the ideal red card for EDH. Be careful when using it though, because unless you have sac outlets or plan on killing someone with the cards, you may have your opponents gang up on you.


Elderwood Scion

Elderwood Scion is another fun card. Although he is not legendary, I like the fact that he encourages being a target for you and makes it harder for opponents to get rid of him. Alone, the Trample and Lifelink are great additions to the card. I haven’t built a G/W Commander deck yet, so I’m not sure if he would be as good as I’m thinking. The cost seems right though.

Krond the Dawn-Clad

Krond seems fun and would make a good G/W general, although there are a lot of generals in the color. Even as just a card in the deck, this is definitely going to be a target for opponents. The enchantment requirement shouldn’t be a problem either.

Maelstrom Wanderer
Although the cost is high, Maelstrom Wanderer would be a great general. Haste for everything and double cascade could lead to massive damage and effect. Blue already has a number of ways to manipulate your deck, so your cascades don’t have to be random. This may actually my favorite card from the set.
For the rest of the set, there are some interesting things but overall nothing that would warrant a purchase of the decks. I hope this catches on a little bit for Wizards sake, but in reality casual people love Commander. This may be a supplement for some but not the majority. On another note, there may be some value in the sets as certain reprints will be popular, so we will keep an eye out on that.