"I spit hot fire!"

Not wanting to be overshadowed by it’s Mythical Miracle brothers, Bonfire of the Damned has made a $10 leap this past weekend. From $15 to $20 on Saturday to $20 to $25 Sunday, Bonfire has become a hot item. I’m not sure how much higher it will go, but it seems like a lot of the major retailers are sold out so if you can find any under $20, this would be a good price.


Miracles became the hot items after Pro Tour Avacyn Restored and the other mythic miracles; Temporal Mastery and Entreat the Angels are already high in value. Another popular miracle, has seen a steady rise in value and may continue an upward trend to $10.

Other notable changes:

Sword of War and Peace has jumped back up to $40 from $35.

Snapcaster Mage takes a small hit down to $22.