Earlier this week, the box promo Birds of Paradise went back up to $20 value. After sitting at $20 for its initial run, if dropped down to $10 at the low point and has finally bounced back up.This had me wondering how other Box Promos have performed since their release.


Box promos are a fairly new idea, starting with the release of M10. Seen as a way to help brick and mortar retailers, Wizards included a certain amount of promos to be given to people who buy a booster box at their local shop. The promo would have alternate art and be foil. It’s a good concept and does well to promote local stores.

The original problem with buying booster boxes as local stores is the price associated with most places. While a local store may sell a booster box for $110 – $130, the same could be found for around $100 online. Why wouldn’t someone save $20 or so buying online? There are reasons to buy local but a bulk of people would buy online. The box promo was a good incentive, but possibly not enough for most people.

Also the best Birds art.

Looking at the history of the Box promos, most have held a value over $5. While a couple have reached the $10 mark and above. Like most cards, it depends on the usability of the card and its presence in major formats.  For example, Birds of Paradise and Day of Judgment will be popular as long as they are still in standard because both are used in tournament decks. Birds of Paradise has the honor of being a card used in Legacy and having great art, keeping it desirable. Other cards, like Guul Draz Assassin and Memoricide have not been as fortunate.

With increased competition (at leas in my local market), we have seen the price of booster boxes dropping as low as $90 at some shops for pre-orders. This means that you get extra value from buying locally as you can get a box promo now too if you are one of the first 20 purchasers. So while the box promo wasn’t that great of a deal when stores had boxes for around $120, they are now a good deal if you get a box around $100.

Previous box promos, Chandra’s Phoenix and Gravecrawler have maxed out at $10 in their history, due to their popularity but have recently fallen below that. With Avacvn Restored, we get another great box promo in the form of Silverblade Paladin. The Paladin is already a popular card and may go up higher in value after Scars rotation or sooner if it is featured in more top 8 deck lists.


So do the buy a box promos make a difference? I think so and I think they are worth it if you can get a booster box at a good price. I personally wouldn’t rush out to pre order a box just to secure a promo, but if you know you are getting a box then pre order as soon as you can at a retailer to secure your free card.


On another note, a few of the Roxie Card members will be at a couple events next weekend. Andrew Schneider will be at Nashville for the Star City Open and I will be in Los Angeles for the Grand Prix Anaheim event so if you see us, say hi! Maybe we’ll do a contest related to that weekend so stay tuned.