Avacyn Restored has been released for almost a week officially so now is a good time to look at what has changed in the market with the new cards. Now that most people have gotten access to what they wanted, we can see which cards are the losers and which ones are the winners. A few cards are no surprise while others stayed stable.

As always, prices are based on major online retailers and can be found cheaper on sites such as eBay.

Before we touch Avacyn, I wanted to point out a card previously mentioned here that has jumped once again in price.


Food Chain is now up to $12.00 which means there may be viable interest in the Misthollow Griffin combo. Again, if you can find this card for cheap or have a few lying around in your bulk rare bin, this is a great time to bring it out and get some good trade value out of it.

Back to Avacyn Restored. The card that everyone was trying to trade away when they got it has dropped in value as expected. That card being Temporal Mastery.

Temporal Mastery

With a pre release value shooting up to $40, most people knew this card wasn’t worth the value and thought it would drop. It dropped hard falling to its original pre order price of $25. Some people expect this to drop down again to $20, unless it appears in an Top 8 deck lists.


Both Planeswalkers have dropped in value as well. Tamiyo takes a small $5 hit, while Tibalt loses $10 in value.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage


Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded


As for major price gainers, nothing has jumped up too drastically but here are a few to keep an eye on.


Griselbrand rises to $15 in value and is expected to stay at that point or go up depending on usage. His playability in multiple formats including EDH will keep him popular.

Zealous Conscripts

A popular card that has incrementally increased in value since release, the Conscripts even got some face time in a Daily Magic article. Everyone has seen the power of this card and I can personally say it has been used against me to take my Griselbrand. The only thing that would limit this card from jumping too high in value is that it is included in a Intro Pack (as a foil.)

Silverblade Paladin

The paladin has seen a small jump to the $6 range and I think it will go higher as time goes on. It is also seen as a replacement for Mirran Crusader.


That’s it for now. As the days continue, we shall see some more movement within Avacyn Restored.