OK guys, I figured this is a good time to have a contest and give back to the community. As the first contest, we are going big with giving away a revised edition Dual Land. We haven’t figured out which one yet, but a free Dual Land is nothing to complain about.

Here are the details of the contest:

1. Like Roxie Cards on Facebook. You can either do that on this post where the like button is or click here to like it.

2. Spread the word. In order for the contest to go live, we need at least 60 likes. So tell everyone. The more likes, the more prizes people can win too.

3. Get this done by Sunday. Contest ends at Midnight this Sunday.


Seems easy enough. Monday morning we will randomly select someone to win the Dual Land. In keeping with the dual land theme, we will also send out random dual lands from Standard to 3 other people.

If we get 105 likes by the end of the contest, we will also give away a Snapcaster Mage to a random person.

If we get 210 likes by the end of the contest, we will give away another Revised Dual Land!


So there you have it. With 210 likes, there will be 6 winners, two of them Revised dual lands. Simple contest! One entry per person so you can’t have two of the same profile like the page. We reserve the right to cancel the contest if there are any suspicious activities detected.

Thanks and may the odds ever be in your favor!