Announcing: Online Shopping with Roxie Cards

  Under the logo you may have noticed a new link (don’t worry, it just appeared yesterday). This link is an exciting new feature we are proud to announce for Roxie Cards! Over the years, we’ve been asked “Are you an online shop?” “Why don’t you sell cards on the site?” While we have ebay …

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Revisiting Alara: Esper

ESPER Esper is the shard of Alara lacking red and green mana. Without the influence of emotion and instinct, Esper grew into a world of supreme logic and order. A sterile world of deep, boundless seas; wide open dunes of glass; dank pools of cess beneath cloudy skies, defined by rules and structure where the …

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Playtest Perspective: Modern Affinity vs Burn

In this episode of Playtest Perspective, we test Modern Affinity vs. Burn. In a battle of speed, see what deck comes out on top. Decklists are below the video.    

Speed Kills – Top 8 Sealed Report from the Super Games Magic 2015 PTQ

  I wasn’t sure I was going to do anything worthwhile Saturday morning. I had spent most of Friday night fuming over an altercation during FNM and just couldn’t bring myself to settle down and sleep until 3 AM. I had considered just saying “screw it” and just staying home. I’d done that before plenty …

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Journey into Standard: Grixis Planeswalkers

  Brewing with Grixis Planeswalkers. Journey into Nyx Spoiler season is here and recently we got spoiled a card that looks like it has a home in Grixis Planeswalkers. That card is Keranos, God of Storms. Here is a breakdown of that the god does: So for 5 mana we get a guy who can …

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Playtest Perspective: Standard Dimir Control VS Jund Monsters

Welcome to another episode of Playtest Perspective. In this video, we test a new Dimir control build using Whelming Wave against Standard juggernaut Jund Monsters. Enjoy!    

Revisiting Alara: Bant

Bant is the shard of Alara bereft of black and red mana. Free from the influence of death and chaos, Bant evolved over the centuries into an orderly, if somewhat strict society. A hierarchy of angles rules over a highly martial caste-based society in this world of golden spires, rolling hills, and rich oceans. The …

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Journey to the Paris of the South: A Grand Prix Buenos Aires Report

“Uh oh.” My friend said while looking at the TV in the distance. “That’s not good.” We are sitting at a restaurant in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires called Lo De Carlitos enjoying a lunch of steak sandwiches and fries. It’s the Friday before Grand Prix Buenos Aires. I haven’t preregistered yet and I …

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Revisiting Alara: A Brief Introduction

In this new flavor series, Wil takes use through the Shards of Alara starting with a brief overview of the plane and it’s story.   The Shards of Alara Long ago, Alara was a plane like most; rich in mana and resources and culture. Then a great cataclysm came and sundered the plane into pieces. …

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Boros Soldiers: Winning the Free 1k at Super Games in Atlanta

    LSV’s quote about his own success in achieving day 2 of Cincinnati “Luck, Skill, Victory (and in that order)”. I feel this sentiment best exemplifies my own experience at the 1k held at SuperGames this last weekend. I brought a custom brew deck that I piloted to the top and I will show …

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