The value of Dragons of Tarkir

We are about a month in from playing with the new cards from Dargons of Tarkir (if you count the prerelease), and with a Pro Tour and a few Grand Prix events that have passed, it’s now a good time to see what cards are performing financially from the new set. Note, all prices are …

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Through the Storm – Modern

Through the Storm One of the best (and easiest) ways to win in Magic is by attacking with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.  Now, I’m sure you’re aware of the normal ways to get everyone’s favorite flying spaghetti monster into play – Through the Breach, Tooth and Nail, and of course, good-ol’-hardcast-for-fifteen-mana have all been tried, …

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Alter Spotlight: Yuki Alters

Space Jace? Banksy Pack Rats? For alters, Jason Shu has them covered. As a Magic player and artist, he recently created his own page, Yuki Alters, fitting time into his busy schedule to do all kinds of creations for cards. We met met up with Jason to talk about his new project and get his …

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A flavor look at Magic: Origins

MAGIC: ORIGINS Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the last core set has been announced and we’ve found out some details about it. In today’s post I plan to go over those details, why they’re important, and make some predictions. The set is called Magic: Origins and the prerelease is July …

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Dragons of Tarkir Preorders are up

  Dragons of Tarkir is looking to be an exciting set and we wanted to let you know that Battlegrounds is accepting preorders update daily with the new spoilers. Check them out to get locked in on your Dragons and Sarkans early!  

Playtest Perspective: Mono Blue vs Temur Monsters

In today’s Playtest Perspective video, we have two decks with similar goals, hit with damage as quickly as you can. Mono Blue is a tempo and devotion deck that plays small creatures and tempo cards to beat in with a live Thassa or . Creatures like Hypnotic Siren and Frost Walker bring in the early …

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Random Deck Spotlight: Modern Biovisionary

Modern is a wide ranged format where you can play any deck and win a few dailies online and in person. Today, we are taking a quick look at a Biovisionary deck by Rico Desilets. The plan is to fill up your graveyard with and (or having Biovisionary in play doesn’t hurt) with spells like …

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Playtest Perspective: GR Aggro vs Fifty Shades of Gray Merchant

In today’s video, I pilot a Black Devotion build while my opponent is playing GR Aggro. The Fifty Shades deck focuses on early aggression while finishing up with to drain the final life. Copies of allow me to make more Gray Merchants or the best thing on the field. I made one minor change by …

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Playtest Perspective: Mardu Midrange vs Mono Red Defector

Playtest Perspective is back for the new year and we have switched things up a little. Instead of the POV camera, we transferred to the overhead shot to give the viewers a look at both players and see their actions. Today we look at a Mardu Midrange deck that is a variation of the deck …

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Fine Gaming: Brewing Goblins with Fate Reforged

Have I ever mentioned that I love Goblins? Well, I do and when I heard Khans of Tarkir was going to have Goblins as one of the main races, I was very excited! …Then promptly was disappointed cause of the lack of viable goblin cards, except for the likes of Hordeling Outburst. However with the …

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