Playtest Perspective: Mardu Midrange vs Mono Red Defector

Playtest Perspective is back for the new year and we have switched things up a little. Instead of the POV camera, we transferred to the overhead shot to give the viewers a look at both players and see their actions. Today we look at a Mardu Midrange deck that is a variation of the deck …

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Fine Gaming: Brewing Goblins with Fate Reforged

Have I ever mentioned that I love Goblins? Well, I do and when I heard Khans of Tarkir was going to have Goblins as one of the main races, I was very excited! …Then promptly was disappointed cause of the lack of viable goblin cards, except for the likes of Hordeling Outburst. However with the …

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My 5 Favorite Fate Reforged cards

I don’t know about you guys but I am a huge Dragon fan! My mouth is already watering over some of these sweet cards, and I can only imagine what Dragons of Tarkir will have in store. Here are a few of the cards I’m looking forward to playing most from Fate Reforged. Being a …

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Announcing: Roxie Cards and The Battlegrounds Games partnership

  We hope you all had a great new year and are as excited about Magic in 2015 as we are. Not only do we get to finish the Khans block with Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir, but we also get another Modern Masters set, as well as the last Core set (for now). …

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Fate Reforged: My 5 picks

  The Fate Reforged spoiler season has ended and we got a full look at the entire set last Friday. Creatures still rule in this format and there are a lot of exciting cards that have been talked about. While we know about the potential of cards like Soulfire Grand Master and Warden of the …

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Southeast Judge Conference – L3 Panel

We finish up our coverage of the Southeast Judge Conference with a Level 3 Judge Q&A panel. We hope you have enjoyed the videos!        

Southeast Judge Conference – Matt Williams: Team Leading and Head Judging

Southeast Judge Conference Coverage continues with Matt Williams aka “Billy Willy” as he talks about Team Leading and Head Judging. Again, pardon the background noise. Enjoy!    

Southeast Judge Conference – Gene-Paul Russell: Community Relations

Our coverage of the Southeast Judge Conference continues with today’s video. Gene-Paul Russell speaks about Community Relations. Enjoy!    

Southeast Judge Conference – Brian Prillaman: How to Give a Seminar

Last weekend was the Southeast Judge Conference and we were able to capture some of the presentations for your enjoyment. Today we start with Brian Prillaman from who speaks about How to give a Seminar. Please note that there were other events going on during the presentation so there is a good amount of background …

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Who’s Who in Khans of Tarkir

Who’s Who in Khans of Tarkir Magic’s story is in a weird transition phase right now. This is the first block where none of the story will be told via books (e-book or otherwise), and entirely via the weekly Uncharted Realms story. To that end, Wizards is trying to put more story highlights onto the …

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